10 September 2018


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SciLifeLab - A National Resource for Life Science

Satellite Symposium

09:00 - 15:15Aula Medica

SciLifeLab (Science for Life Laboratory) is Sweden’s national center for molecular biosciences, with the mission to provide a unique and enabling infrastructure to the life science community, facilitate internationally leading collaborative science, and promote the translation of biomolecular research findings into lasting societal benefits.

As part of the Nordic Life Science Days 2018, we invite you to attend a one-day satellite symposium to learn more about SciLifeLab, meet our facilities, investigate our capabilities and technologies, and further develop how your organization can leverage this unique asset in Sweden’s life science sector.

The symposium is free of charge and exclusive for registered participants of NLSDays. If you have not yet registered for NLSDays, please visit www.nlsdays.com. The event is held in Aula Medica at Karolinska Institutet on Monday 10 September 2018, between 10:00–15:00. Bus service round trip from Stockholm Waterfront will be provided and will depart from Stockholm Waterfront at 9:00.

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Testa Center
GE HealthCare

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GE Healthcare Life Sciences helps to increase global access to biopharmaceuticals

Site Visit to GE Healthcare & Testa Center

11:45 - 16:30Bus Transfer from/to Stockholm Waterfront

Location: GE Healthcare Life Sciences’ site, Björkgatan 30, Uppsala
Date and time: Monday, 10 September, 2018
Time: 13:00-16:30

During the past years, we have been witnessing tremendous growth in the biopharmaceutical sector; bio-drugs are now the world’s fastest-growing class of medicines.
GE Healthcare Life Sciences develops and manufactures both the equipment and supplies to manufacture biopharmaceuticals, and today all ten top biologic drugs in the market use GE technologies in their manufacturing processes.

We are inviting you to visit GE Healthcare Life Sciences’ site in Uppsala that employs around 1,200 people, covering production, research & development and business support services. The factory in Uppsala is one of the largest manufacturing facilities for chromatography resins in the world, and between 2017 and 2022 GE is annually investing up to USD 70 million to increase the production capacity.

In August opens Testa Center in Uppsala, a major initiative between the Swedish government and GE to secure the growth of the nation’s life science industry and its manufacturing capabilities in particular. This facility is purpose-built for verifying digital, technical or biological innovations in an authentic production setting and open to academia, start-ups and industry.

Join us for an afternoon to experience this exciting and innovative life sciences site that helps to increase access to biopharmaceuticals globally.


11.45                    Bus transfer from Waterfront Conference Center to GE Healthcare Life Sciences’ Site Uppsala

12:30-13.00        Registration and coffee in GE Healthcare Life Sciences Reception Area

13.00-13:30        Opening remarks & Welcome: Lotta Ljungqvist, President & CEO GE Nordics and CEO Testa Center

13.30-16.00        Guided tours in the manufacturing facilities and the newly opened Testa Center

14.30-15.00        Coffee break in Reception Area

16:00                    Closing remarks

16:30                    Bus transfer from GE Healthcare Life Sciences´ site to Waterfront Conference Center


Opened to NLSDays’ participants only!

Interested in joining?

Please sign up for free by sending an email to testa.center@ge.com with the following details:

  • First Name:
  • Last Name:
  • Name of company/organization/university:
  • Do you need Bus transfer from/to Waterfront Conference Center to/from GE Healthcare Life Sciences´ site (place of event)?  Yes / No

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14:00 - 21:00 Entrance Hall - Level 4

Exhibitors Setup

14:00 - 21:00 Exhibition Hall - Level 4

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Spark Norway
UiO: University of Oslo

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Advancing academic ideas into innovations for patients

Academic Catwalk

16:00 - 17:30Exhibition Hall - Level 4

Academia is a key engine for medical innovation and many life science projects becoming commercial successful originate from academic centers. Big ideas very often come from ground-braking academic research. Recognizing that majority of the global companies made academic-industrial partnerships an integral part of their strategies and opened their R&D organizations to external innovation.

The Academic Catwalk features exciting academic projects from three Nordic countries illustrating the rich and broad research milieus and their motivation to advance their ideas into innovations for patients. The session is hosted by SPARK Norway (www.uio.no/life-science/spark), the life science innovation programme at the University of Oslo, in collaboration with the European Partners SPARK Finland and SPARK Berlin and supported by Karolinska Innovation.

Moderator(s): Prof. Craig Garner - Berlin Institute of Health, Founder SPARK Berlin

Dr. Ulla Aapola - Project Leader, University of Tampere, Spark Finland Dr. Magnus Aronsen - Project Leader, UiO, Spark Norway Dr. Gunnveig Grødeland - Project Leader, UiO, Spark Norway Prof. Per Hall - Professor, Karolinska Institutet Prof. Klaus Hedman - Project Leader, University of Helsinki, Spark Finland Dr. Ylva Trolle Lagerros - Associate Professor, Karolinska Institutet

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Umeå Biotech Incubator
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The Best Nordic Startups' Competition

Startup Challenge @ NLSDays 2018

18:00 - 19:30Exhibition Hall - Level 4

Startup Challenge is an enjoyable pitching event showcasing the best and brightest startups currently emerging from the Nordic life science ecosystem. Based on their video contributions, the best 12 have been selected to pitch live in front of life science industry decision makers and investors. It means that they will be pitching in front of a qualified audience.

Selected finalists:

Akuru Pharma


Game Intelligence

Gedea Biotech





Quantum Leap Computing Labs

Sigrid Therapeutics

Stayble Therapeutics

Tirmed Pharma

Moderator(s): Ms. Carolina Hawranek - Head of PR and Communications, Umeå Biotech Incubator

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Join those who already arrived

Welcome Drink Reception

18:00 - 21:00Exhibition Hall - Level 4

Meet the organizers and old friends or make new contacts at our Welcome Reception. Enjoy finger food and drinks with us!

11 September 2018

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Join physiology Prof. Carl Johan Sundberg for a refreshing morning jog

Morning Run

06:15 - 07:00Stockholm Waterfront Entrance

Why not start the day in the best possible way?

Enjoy fantastic Stockholm views together with great company!

We’ll meet at 6.15 am in front of the Stockholm Waterfront entrance for a pleasant 4 km jog.

Let us inspire you, connect with fellow delegates and get the latest learnings from prof. Carl Johan Sundberg, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Karolinska Institutet.

You’ll be back in good time for the continental conference breakfast.

Please contact Nicole Hanzon nicole.hanzon@swedenbio.se for further details.

The Nordic Life Science Value Chain

Exhibition Open

07:00 - 18:15 Exhibition Hall - Level 4

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07:00 - 18:15 Entrance Hall - Level 4

Morning Breakfast

07:00 - 09:00 Exhibition Hall - Level 4

Hosted by:

Moderator(s): Mr. Mike Ward - Chief Content Officer, Informa Pharma Intelligence - Contributor, BioPharma Dealmakers & Nature Research Group

Dr. Jonas Ekstrand - Director General, SwedenBIO Mr. Olivier Duchamp - Managing Director, NLSDays - VP BD & Promotion, SwedenBIO Dr. Shiva Kumar - VP & Chief Strategy Officer, IBM Watson Dr. Jenni Nordborg - Director & National Coordinator Life Sciences, The Government Offices - Head of Health Division, Vinnova

09:30 Alzecure Pharma - Pharmaceutical 09:37 Atrogi - Pharmaceutical 09:44 Ilya Pharma - Pharmaceutical 09:51 Follicum - Pharmaceutical 09:58 Beactica - Pharmaceutical 10:11 Karessa Pharma - Pharmaceutical 10:24 Redwood Pharma - Pharmaceutical 10:37 Xspray Pharma - Pharmaceutical 10:50 SOBI - Pharmaceutical

09:30 Cobra Biologics - Biotechnology - Other 09:43 Immunicum - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 09:56 Scandinavian Biopharma - Biotechnology - R&D Services 10:09 Oncodesign - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 10:16 Pelago Bioscience - Biotechnology - R&D Services 10:23 Catapult Life Science - Biotechnology - R&D Services 10:30 Transientic Interactions - Biotechnology - R&D Services 10:37 Immunovia - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 10:44 Abera Bioscience - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 10:51 Alligator Bioscience - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics

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Life science financing – from seed to market

Super Session 1 – Financing

09:30 - 11:00Plenary Room - Level 5

Starting and evolving a company requires funds. This session is aimed at helping you better navigate the jungle of financing. We will take you through inspiring journeys that will be discussed by an experienced panel of investors.

Moderator(s): Dr. Sonia Benhamida - Senior Vice President Healthcare, DNB

Mr. Kim Baden-Kristensen - Founder & CEO, Brain+ Mr. Carsten Borring - Head of Listings & Capital Markets, Nasdaq Mr. Stephan Christgau - Senior Partner, Novo Seeds Dr. Scott Cuthill - Chief Business Officer, Valo Therapeutics Mr. Jacob Gunterberg - Partner, HealthCap Dr. Øyvind Kongstun-Arnesen - CEO, Ultimovacs Mr. Anders Martin-Löf - CFO, Wilson Therapeutics Dr. Patrik Sobocki - Investment Manager, Industrifonden Mr. Nikolaj Sørensen - CEO & President, Orexo

Coffee Break

11:00 - 11:30 Exhibition Hall - Level 4

11:30 AstraZeneca - Pharmaceutical 11:50 Bayer - Pharmaceutical 12:10 Bristol-Myers Squibb - Pharmaceutical

11:30 Lund University - Public & Non-Profit Organization 11:37 Asahi Kasei Bioprocess - Supplier & Engineering 11:50 Mercodia - Supplier & Engineering 12:03 RISE - Public & Non-Profit Organization 12:10 BrainCool - HealthTech

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NDA Group

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Patient engagement as a strategic imperative in medicines development- let’s look at the evidence on ‘return on engagement’

Super Session 2 – Return on Engagement

11:30 - 12:30Plenary Room - Level 5

Patient engagement is very much in vogue, but does it really make a difference and how can we measure this? This session will look at what patient engagement actually means in practical terms, and its impact as a business development tool, drawing on concrete good practice examples from the rare diseases community and personalised medicines.

We will also explore:

  • European and international initiatives that are co-creating tools, metrics and resources to enable more structured and systematic patient engagement throughout the life cycle of medicines- specifically PARADIGM – a new Innovative Medicines Initiative Project, and PFMD, a global platform on patient engagement.
  • Patient engagement strategies within various institutions, organisations and companies – and the kind of buy-in needed from different stakeholders involved to make patient engagement happen across the entire life cycle, at different decision-making points.
  • The nexus between patient education in therapeutic innovation process and patient engagement.

Moderator(s): Dr. Mathieu Boudes - Public/Private Partnership Coordinator, European Patients' Forum (EPF)

Ms. Hanne-Damgaard Jensen - Founder & CEO, ROS Therapeutics Dr. Marc Gailhardou - Managing Director, MSD Nordics Dr. Ana Palma - Senior Director Global HTA & Patient Access Lead, Sobi Dr. Markku Toivonen - Scientific Director, NDA Group

Lunch Buffet

12:30 - 14:00 Exhibition Hall and Mezzanine - Level 4 & 5

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Nano to Mega

Special Session – Nanomedicine

14:00 - 15:00Room 35-36

Visionary companies exploiting nano-features to boost pharma and medical device products. Scientific, financial and commercial perspectives of nanomedicine will be covered.

Moderator(s): Mr. Patrick Boisseau - Programme Manager on Nanomedicine, CEA-Leti

Dr. Susanna Abrahmsén Alami - Principal Scientist - Drug Delivery, AstraZeneca Dr. Filippo Bosco - Founder & CEO, BluSense Diagnostics Dr. Maureen Deehan - Head of Corporate Development & Strategy, Nordic Nanovector Dr. Mats Hansen - CEO, Spago Nanomedical Mr. Magnus Larsson - CEO, Promimic Dr. Agneta Richter-Dahlfors - CEO, EBBA Biotech Mr. Kristian Thulin - CSO, Obducat Technologies

Hosted by:
Sahlgrenska Science Park

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What is the role of Digital Health in Pharma and Biotech?

Super Session 3 – Crossroads in BioPharma and HealthTech

14:00 - 15:00Plenary Room - Level 5

Technology gives access to a wealth of data and enables personalized care in an increasingly connected world. Future innovation in life science is about integrating medtech, pharmaceuticals and digital solutions. It requires innovative thinking in many dimensions.

How can we increase cooperation to integrate these areas more?

The regulatory requirements within pharma are challenging. The crusial question is how to handle the rapid development and take advantage of digital health solutions.

  • How can new technologies help improve compliance? What digital solutions will differentiate tomorrow’s drugs and change care?
  • How can digital development support and shorten the journey from idea to implemented service or product?
  • How should we drive the future’s innovation process so that digital solutions become an integrated part of the product development process? What drives traditional investors to invest digital health?

Moderator(s): Dr. Magnus Björsne - CEO, AstraZeneca BioVentureHub Ms. Charlotta Gummesson - CEO, Sahlgrenska Science Park

Ms. Jennifer Grönqvist - Business Advisor HealthTech Nordic, SSP Mr. Magnus Jörntén-Karlsson - Project Director, AstraZeneca R&D Dr. Sara Lei - Clinical Advisor, Karolinska University Hospital Dr. Ingrid Teigland Akay - Managing Partner, Hadean Ventures

15:15 Pfizer - Pharmaceutical 15:35 Roche - Pharmaceutical 15:55 Sanofi - Pharmaceutical

Sponsored by:
Servier CDMO

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The Virtual Business Model in Drug Development – Challenges and Opportunities

Workshop 1 – Services Providers as Trusted Partners

15:15 - 16:15Room 35-36

Many SME companies focused on drug development choose to work according a virtual business model where key expertise is contracted ad hoc for specific tasks. Often also more general tasks such as project management may be covered by contracted staff. The virtual model is attractive because it adds flexibility and supports the agile organization. On the other hand, working virtually requires additional care when considering what tasks to outsource and criteria for selection of vendors.

The session “The Virtual Business Model” will focus on “WHY”, “WHEN” and “HOW” from a company management perspective. When will virtual competence add the extra edge are there situation when the virtual model is not advantageous?

The speaker list includes speakers experienced in working in a virtual business model as well as companies supplying virtual services.

Moderator(s): Dr. Anna Törner - Managing Director, Scandinavian Development Services

Mr. Martin Åmark - CEO, Xbrane Biopharma Dr. Martin Bonde - CEO, Vaccibody Dr. Rupert Dixon - Senior Director - Principal Scientific Advisor, IQVIA Dr. Charlotte Edenius - VP Clinical and Business Development, Gesynta Pharma Mr. Pierre Gareau - Business Development Manager, Servier CDMO

Hosted by:
Arthur D. Little
Sponsored by:
Bristol-Myers Squibb

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A precision approach is needed to master the complex changes required from the precision medicine opportunity

Super Session 4 – Precision Medicine

15:15 - 16:15Plenary Room - Level 5

Opportunities within precision and personalized medicine attract much interest, not only from scientists, drug markers and patients but also from funders and decision makers.

Alongside opportunities, however, there are also several challenges to overcome to ensure successful launch and implementation of truly personalized therapies.

The changes required for drug manufacturers, healthcare providers and payers are radical and transformative, and involve the full value chain with all its stakeholders.

This session will talk about what it will really take from the healthcare ecosystem players when preparing for taking full advantage of the promising new precision treatments currently being developed in many important disease areas.

Moderator(s): Dr. Ulrica Sehlstedt - Partner, Arthur D. Little

Dr. Ann Atlas - Senior Scientific Advisor Immuno-Oncology and Biomarker Lead, BMS Dr. Sara Gunnerås - Editor, Precision Medicine – The Swedish Industry Guide 2018, SwedenBIO Dr. Helena Nord - Project Leader, SciLifeLab Prof. Eric Wahlberg - CEO, Uppsala Academic Hospital Mr. Craig Wylie - Partner, Arthur D. Little

Coffee Break

16:15 - 16:45 Exhibition Hall - Level 4

Hosted by:
Sweden Drug Delivery Industry Group
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Ongoing Initiatives and Future Challenges

Super Session 5 – Drug Delivery of the Future

16:45 - 18:15Plenary Room - Level 5

Drug delivery is the science of getting the right amount of active drug to the right place in the body at the right time. The area of drug delivery has increased in importance as the medical needs continuously present new challenges to us and new and more complex treatment modalities are developed. In some of these modalities the drug delivery system and the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) will be integrated to form the therapy and need to be fully aligned. Furthermore, challenges such as patient adherence, paediatrics/geriatrics and personalized medicine present challenges where innovative drug delivery solutions can add huge value to patients and society.

In this session, we will have presentations from three ongoing research initiatives related to advanced drug delivery: Sweden Drug Delivery Forum, NextBioForm and FoRmulaEx. We will also get a brief introduction to the industry network Sweden Drug Delivery Industry Group and get some messages from the sponsors of this session. Finally, a short panel discussion with the presenters discussing the future challenges and new opportunities will finish off the session.

Moderator(s): Dr. Eva Sjökvist-Saers - CEO & Managing Director, APL

Dr. Christel Bergström - Associate Professor, Uppsala University Dr. Elin Esbjörner - Associate Professor, Biophysical Chemistry and Biochemistry, Chalmers University Mr. Bengt Hedin - Formulation Scientist, APL Dr. Andreas Hugerth - Senior Product Development Manager, Ferring Pharmaceuticals Dr. Lasse Leino - CEO, DelSiTech Prof. Marie Wahlgren - Deputy Head, Department of Food Technology, Lund University

16:45 Saga Diagnostics - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 16:52 Sinfonia Biotherapeutics - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 16:59 Genetic Analysis - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 17:06 Diamyd Medical - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 17:19 Index Pharmaceuticals - Pharmaceutical 17:32 NextCell Pharma - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 17:45 Oncology Venture - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 17:58 Orexo - Pharmaceutical 18:11 abcam - Biotechnology - Other

Hosted by:

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The Innovative Medicine Initiative

Workshop 2 – The Innovative Medicine Initiative

16:45 - 18:15Room 35-36

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is a partnership between the European Union and the European Pharmaceutical Industry. IMI facilitates open collaboration in research to advance the development of, and accelerate patient access to, personalized medicines for the health and wellbeing of all, especially in areas of unmet medical need.

Moderator(s): Dr. Gunnar Sandberg - Program Director, Vinnova

Dr. Bertil Abrahamsson - Senior Principal Scientist, AstraZeneca Ms. Catherine Brett - External Relations Manager, IMI Executive Office Ms. Magda Chlebus - Director Science Policy, EFPIA Prof. Mikael Kubista - CEO and Founder, TATAA BioCenter

Hosted by:
Stockholm the Capital of Scandinavia

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Official Networking Reception

18:30 - 20:30Stockholm City Hall

Sponsored by the City of Stockholm, the conference participants are welcome to an official reception by the City of Stockholm.

The Stockholm City Hall is one of Sweden’s most famous buildings, and one of the capital’s most visited tourist attractions. It is famous for its grand ceremonial Blue and Golden Halls and unique pieces of art and is the venue of the Nobel Prize banquet held on 10th of December each year.

Hosted by:
Stockholm the Capital of Scandinavia

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After Networking Reception

20:30 - 23:00Stockholm Waterfront - Bar Lounges

Right after the Official Reception held at the City Hall, just walk back to the Waterfront Convention Center and enjoy an Happy Hour and After Party time!

In a relaxed and musical atmosphere, you’ll get the opportunity to share drinks and sweet treats together with your friends and conference mates.

12 September 2018


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07:00 - 16:00 Entrance Hall - Level 4

The Nordic Life Science Value Chain

Exhibition Open

07:00 - 18:00 Exhibition Hall - Level 4

Morning Breakfast

07:00 - 08:30 Exhibition Hall - Level 4

Sponsored by:
LifeSci Advisors

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Super Session 6 – International Investors Pitching

08:30 - 09:30Plenary Room - Level 5

Given you sometimes only get one chance to tell your story right, its essential that pitch it appropriately to investors. This session will provide an opportunity to hear from leading life science investors to better understand their areas of interest and investment criteria and what they would like to hear from you.

The pitching session will be followed by an interactive QA session to provide the audience with an opportunity to ask questions.

Moderator(s): Mr. Hans Herklots - Managing Director, LifeSci Advisors Ms. Katja Stout - Managing Director, Scius Communications

Mr. Johan Kördel - Senior Partner, Lundbeckfonden Ventures Ms. Oxana Kukhaneva - Venture Partner, Seventure Partners Dr. Holger Reithinger - Partner, Forbion Dr. Mårten Steen - Partner, HealthCap Dr. Walter Stockinger - Managing Partner, Hadean Ventures Dr. Cheryl Zimberlin - Associate, Merck Ventures

Hosted by:

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Reproductive Medicine and New Business Opportunities

Super Session 7 – Reproductive Medicine

09:45 - 10:45Plenary Room - Level 5

This Super Session gathers top experts from the pharmaceutical and private fertility industry who will discuss the business and the industries perspective on reproductive medicine.

Every 12th child is conceived in a fertility clinic. 16-25 % of couples that try to get pregnant have fertility problems. The birth rate has fallen drastically over the past 50 years and most countries have fertility rate of less than 1,5 children per woman. The combination of demographic development and the low fertility rates demands new solutions and services. This development creates new business opportunities for the private fertility sector.

ReproUnion is a cross border collaboration between Sweden and Denmark within the area of reproductive medicine. The collaborative network consists of 14 clinical and research units within the Capital Region of Denmark, Region Zealand of Denmark and Region Skåne in Southern Sweden.

Moderator(s): Dr. Stig Jørgensen - Program Director ReproUnion

Dr. Stig Jørgensen - Program Director ReproUnion Dr. Marcel Van Duin - VP, Head Reproductive Health & Endocrinology Research, Ferring Pharmaceuticals Dr. Rita Vassena - Scientific Director, Eugin, Executive Member of ESHRE

Hosted by:
Invest Stockholm

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Company Presentations #8

09:45 - 10:45Room 24-25

Presentation track Hosted by Invest Stockholm – Read more

09:45 Bonzun - HealthTech 09:52 Med Universe - HealtTech 09:59 MediCheck - HealthTech 10:06 DoubleStrand Bioinformatics - Professional Services & Consulting 10:13 Byon8 - HealthTech 10:20 Prosilico - HealthTech 10:27 Coala Life - HealthTech

09:45 Particle Analytical - CRO/CMO/CDMO 09:52 Recipharm - CRO/CMO/CDMO 10:05 Pact & Partners - Professional Services & Consulting 10:18 IBM - Professional Services & Consulting

Coffee Break

10:45 - 11:15 Exhibition Hall - Level 4

Hosted by:
Oslo Cancer Cluster
Sponsored by:
BioPharma Dealmakers

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What is driving the next wave of innovation in Cancer Immunotherapy?

Super Session 8 – Catching the Immuno-Oncology wave!

11:15 - 12:45Plenary Room - Level 5

At this session, international experts from pharma, biotech, academia and the investment community will discuss how big data, personalized medicine, beyond the pill approaches, new targets, an increased understanding of the microbiome and insights from neuroscience could address these challenges and shape the next wave of innovation in Immuno-Oncology (I-O).

Over the past few years, the rapid development of novel cancer immunotherapy approaches has fundamentally disrupted the oncology space. I-O has not only become a key component of cancer therapy, but it has also reshaped priorities in oncology R&D across the industry, with unprecedented clinical success in certain cancer types continuing to fuel record investment and partnering activity. As of today, more than 2.000 I-O agents, including checkpoint-inhibitors, vaccines, oncolytic viruses and cellular therapies, are in preclinical or clinical development.

Yet, still only a minority of patients benefits from effective and durable I-O treatments. Beyond resistance or unexplained lack of response, which could be addressed through a better understanding of optimal timing of therapy, better combination therapy design, or improved patient selection, a lack of novel targets and of an overall better understanding of specific immune mechanisms is becoming a roadblock to further advance in the space.

Moderator(s): Dr. Gaspar Taroncher-Oldenburg - Editor-at-Large, BioPharma Dealmakers & Nature Research Group

Dr. Martin Bonde - CEO, Vaccibody Dr. Emilio Erazo-Fischer - Associate Director of Global Oncology BD, Boehringer Ingelheim Dr. Simon S. Jensen - CEO and Co-Founder, MonTa Biosciences Dr. Erica Sloan - Group Leader, Cancer & Neural-Immune Research Lab, Monash University Dr. Sten Verland - Senior Partner, Sunstone Life Science Ventures Dr. Richa Wilson - Associate Director, Digital and Personalized Healthcare, Roche Partnering

Hosted by:

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SciLifeLab – Emerging Technologies in Molecular Life Science

Workshop 3 – SciLifeLab – Emerging Technologies

11:15 - 12:45Room 24-25

Technological advancements in molecular life science are evolving at an ever-increasing rate. As we move towards greater integration of large-scale omics into both preclinical and clinical settings, novel and complementary methods for detection, characterization, and diagnosis of disease states at highresolution and -throughput are emerging. At SciLifeLab, development and application of new tools for life science are a core component of our mission. In this workshop, we will present four innovative technologies we make available to the Swedish research community and interactively discuss their use and application.

How will the development of these and other emerging technologies help shape the future of healthcare, drug discovery and diagnostics? How do we secure transfer of knowledge and development of new technologies towards applications in healthcare and the private sector? In what way can SciLifeLab best support the life science research community in Sweden through collaboration and service?

Moderator(s): Assoc. Prof. Tomas Lundqvist - Senior Area Coordinator, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Assoc. Prof. Petter Brodin - Facility Director, SciLifeLab Dr. Annika Jenmalm-Jensen - Infrastructure Director, SciLifeLab Prof. Ulf Landegren - Facility Director, SciLifeLab Prof. Joakim Lundeberg - Facility Director, SciLifeLab Prof. Gunnar Von Heljne - Facility Director, SciLifeLab

Hosted by:

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Understanding Intellectual Property in Life Science Business Development

Workshop 4 – Intellectual Property

11:15 - 12:45Room 35-36

This workshop takes a practical stand on how, when and why management of Intellectual Property will play a decisive role in the development of a Life Science business. There is no “one size fits all” when working out a business plan, and consequently there is not one ready-made solution for managing intellectual protection of your invention, business plan and trade dress. During this session, you will hear how experts in the fields of Life Science and Intellectual Property have successfully handled different business challenges with the use of intellectual property tools, to achieve the most suitable and profitable return on investment.

Moderator(s): Ms. Daniela Ibis - CEO, Daniela Ibis

Mr. David Bejker - CEO, Affibody Ms. Ebba Fåhraeus - CEO, SmiLe Incubator Ms. Louise Jonshammar - Attorney At Law, AWA Mr. Niklas Mattsson - Partner and European Patent Attorney, AWA

Lunch Buffet

12:45 - 14:00 Exhibition Hall and Mezzanine - Level 4 & 5

Hosted by:
Business Finland
Sponsored by:

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The potential of health data and Artificial Intelligence in personalized medicine

Super Session 9 – Artificial Intelligence in Life Science

14:00 - 15:30Plenary Room - Level 5

The fast growing amount of biobank and health data presents an unparalled opportunity for drug target and biomarker discovery, Real World Evidence (RWE) based research and personalized healthcare.

However, this opportunity presents also a challenge on how to make sense of this data and find medically meaningful discoveries.

The application of Artificial Intelligence solutions may provide one answer to this medical needle in a hay stack problem and help us conquer the burder of common diseases such as diabetes, cancer and neurological diseases.

Moderator(s): Dr. Sampo Sammalisto - Advisor HealthTech, Business Finland

Ms. Christina Busmalis - Director, Global Life Sciences at IBM Watson Health Prof. Mark Daly - Director, Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) Dr. Minna Hendolin - Senior Director Health & Wellbeing, Business Finland Ms. Mirka Tammi - Project Director, HUS

Hosted by:

Dr. Jonas Ekstrand - Director General, SwedenBIO Mr. Olivier Duchamp - Managing Director, NLSDays - VP BD & Promotion, SwedenBIO

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Farewell Drinks

16:15 - 18:00Exhibition Hall - Level 4

Join us to raise a glass before you say farewell to Stockholm and the Nordic Life Science Days 2018. This is the perfect opportunity to reflect on your learning, share your favourite moments, raise a glass with connections old and new and save the date for next year!