Mr. Erik Gatenholm

It’s a great pleasure to speak and network with other entrepreneurs, business leaders, and innovators during the NLSDays 2021. The life science industry is going through a major revolution and what brought us here won’t bring us to the future we want to achieve. In the name of being able to create the future of medicine together, we need to learn to work together, to establish fruitful collaborations – and  that can only be done if we learn to share our stories, ideas, and get to work,


In 2016, Cellink commercialized the world’s first universal bioink, the first of many milestones in becoming the world’s leading bioprinting company. In 2020, after 3 successful acquisitions and multiple successful products launched, a bigger idea developed. With the combination of cutting-edge engineering, big data and AI initiatives, and biology, the first bio-convergence company has now emerged.


Opening Plenary 20 April 9:30 CET

Opening Plenary