12 September 2017

Invest in Skåne

Hosted by: Invest in Skåne

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Seminar on Drug Development at MAX IV and ESS

Medicon Village, Lund / guided tour to MAX IV

10:00 - 16:30Bus Tour to Lund

Learn how your company can benefit from the advanced research tools at MAX IV and ESS in your drug development process – from early drug discovery to formulation.

Join a one-day seminar with presentations from MAX IV and ESS as well as companies that are taking advantage of the analytical techniques available at these research facilities. You will get an insight on how these tools create value and how they can help you in developing new drugs of tomorrow.

The day will be rounded off by a guided tour to the MAX IV laboratory. Register here

Detailed agenda:

Moderator: Ms. Pia Kinhult, Strategic Advisor, ESS
10:00 – 10:30  Bus takes participants from Malmömässan to Medicon Village
10:30-11:00 Registration and Coffee
11:00-11:10 Welcome to Medicon Valley
Mr. Stefan Johansson, Managing Director, Invest in Skåne
11:10-11:30 Industrial usage of ESS
Ms. Sindra Petersson Årsköld, Senior Advisor, ESS
11:30-11:50 Industrial usage of MAX IV
Mr. Tomas Lundqvist, Life Science Director, MAX IV
11:50-13:00 LUNCH
13:00-13:20 Fragment-based drug discovery
Mr. Björn Walse, CEO, SARomics Biostructures
13:20-13:40 Protein drug development – application of small angle scattering methods
Mr. Mathias Norrman, Principle  Scientist, Novo Nordisk
13:40-14:00 MAX IV and ESS in future drug development – from an AstraZeneca perspective
Ms. Anna Collén, Senior Project Director in Pharmaceutical Sciences, AstraZeneca
14:00-14:15 Summary
14:15-15:45 Bus to MAX IV for a guided tour
16:00-16:40 Bus from MAX IV to Malmö Mässan – the conference venue
The Address to Medicon Village is – Scheelevägen 2, 223 63 Lund.

Moderator: Ms. Pia Kinhult - Strategic Advisor - ESS



Hosted by: SwedenBIOCo - Hosted by: SWElife, AbbVie

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Academic Catwalk

17:00 - 18:15Exhibition area - NLSDays arena

Nordic academic scientists will showcase intriguing research that could be the base for next generation therapies. The presentation will be followed by a short Q&A and is intended to give rise to inspiring discussions.

Moderator: Dr. Maj-Britt Kaltoft - BD & L Manager - Statens Serum Institut

Dr. Irep Gözen - NCMM Group Leader - University of Oslo Dr. Marité Cárdenas Gómez - Head of Research Group - Malmö Högskola Dr. Heidi Kidron - Researcher - University of Helsinki

Johnson & Johnson Innovation
SmiLe Incubator

Hosted by: Johnson & Johnson InnovationCo - Hosted by: SmiLe Incubator, Medeon

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Startup Challenge @ NLSDays

18:30 - 20:00Exhibition area - NLSDays arena

The Startup Challenge is a pitching competition giving innovative entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase. Selected companies will present their innovative technologies to a selected jury representing life science executives from industry and finance. Read more

Confirmed companies:

Session 1: Optimov – Metabogen – Bactaviva – Innovosens – Sidekick Health – SAGA Diagnostics – Neosense – Adesante

Session 2: Cerenion – HiloProbe – Immuneed – ScandiCure – Evince – Finn Medicinen – Arctic Pharma – Clever Health

Jury Members:

Ms. Rosemary Liu – New Ventures and Transactions Lead – Johnson & Johnson Innovation

Ms. Sandra Lindvall – Associate – Awapatent

Mr. Tomas Eriksson – CEO – A1M Pharma

Dr. Seppo Mäkinen – Board Professional & Investor

Moderator: Ms. Anna Gran - New Ventures Lead, Nordics - Johnson & Johnson Innovation Ms. Ebba Fåhraeus - CEO - SmiLe Incubator

13 September 2017


Hosted by: SwedenBIOCo - Hosted by: bionordic

Moderator: Dr. Jonas Ekstrand - Director General - SwedenBIO

Mr. Olivier Duchamp - Managing Director - NLSDays, CEO - Bionordic Services Mr. Mikael Odenberg - Chairman of the Board - Karolinska Institutet Ms. Mona Skaret - Director of Growth Companies and Clusters - Innovasjon Norge Dr. Mikael Dolsten - President Worldwide Research and Development and EVP - Pfizer


09:30 AstraZeneca - Pharmaceutical 09:50 Pfizer - Pharmaceutical 10:10 Boehringer Ingelheim - Pharmaceutical 10:30 Johnson & Johnson Innovation - Pharmaceutical


09:30 Affilogic - Biotechnology - Other 09:37 Cline Scientific - Biotechnology - Other 09:49 Disruptive Materials - Biotechnology - Other 10:01 Axenis - Biotechnology - R&D Services 10:08 Bertin Pharma - Biotechnology - R&D Services 10:15 Cardiabase - Biotechnology - R&D Services 10:22 Neurotar - Biotechnology - R&D Services 10:34 BerGenBio - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 10:41 Immunicum - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics

Lund University Diabetes Center
LU Innovation
Novo Nordisk

Hosted by: Lund University Diabetes CenterCo - Hosted by: LU Innovation, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi, Medeon

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Game changers in diabetes treatment

Super session 1 – Diabetes

09:30 - 10:45Plenary Room

The diabetes session will focus on disruptive new solutions and future diabetes treatment options. Special focus will be on recent developments , where closed loop systems and ultrafast acting insulins will be game changers for insulin treated diabetes patients, especially those with unstable blood glucose.

Moderator: Dr. Karin Hehenberger - CEO and Founder - Lyfebulb

Dr. Søren Bregenholt - Corporate VP and Head of External Innovation - Novo Nordisk Prof. Charlotte Ling - Professor - Lund University Dr. Uli Wendt - Head External Innovation and Alliance Management, Global Diabetes Division, R&D - Sanofi

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Swedish-Dannish Coffee Break

10:45 - 11:15Exhibition area

Hosted by Medeon, Medicon Valley Alliance and Biopeople



11:15 Asahi Kasei Bioprocess - Supplier & Engineering 11:27 Covance - CRO/CMO 11:39 Particle Analytical - CRO/CMO 11:51 Recipharm - CRO/CMO 12:03 VivoPharm - CRO/CMO 12:15 Cilcare - CRO/CMO 12:22 Pharm-Analyt Labor - CRO/CMO

Invest Stockholm

Hosted by: Invest Stockholm


11:15 Abera Bioscience - Biotechnology - Other 11:22 Pelago Bioscience - Biotechnology - R&D Services 11:29 Double Bond Pharmaceutical - Pharmaceutical 11:35 Eurocine Vaccines - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 11:42 Gradientech - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 11:49 Scandinavian Biopharma - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 11:56 Sinsa Labs - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 12:03 Q-Linea - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 12:10 NeoDynamics - HealthTech 12:17 Diamyd Medical - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics

RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden
Business Region Göteborg
Invest in Skåne

Hosted by: RISE – Research Institutes of SwedenCo - Hosted by: Business Region Göteborg, Invest in Skåne

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Gene therapy in regenerative medicine

Super session 2 – Regenerative medicine

11:15 - 12:30Plenary Room

This super session will focus on a specific field of regenerative medicine, Gene Therapy. The possibility to replace defective genes in a patient’s cells with healthy ones using viral vectors and gene editing technologies, opens up the potential to treat or prevent numerous diseases which currently lack successful treatment.

Although most gene therapies are still in an experimental stage, several examples have recently been successfully translated into clinical practice and products with regulatory approval.

This session will discuss the diverse challenges involved in the translation of gene therapies to clinic and market, and highlight some successful examples.

Moderator: Dr. Johan Brun - Medical Director - Pfizer

Prof. Ralph Knöll - Chief Scientist - AstraZeneca Dr. Sven Kili - Head of Cell & Gene Therapy Development - GSK Dr. Anthony T. Cheung - Founder & CEO - enGene Prof. Steffen Thirstrup - Director Regulatory Advisory Board - NDA Reg Dr. Benjamin Schmid - Research Scientist, Disease Models - Bioneer


Hosted by: CEPICo - Hosted by: Zacco

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Innovation for Improving Response to Outbreaks of Emerging Infectious Diseases

Super session 3 – Response to Outbreaks of Emerging Infectious Diseases

14:00 - 15:15Plenary Room

Epidemics of emerging infectious diseases are a growing threat to life, health and prosperity. In a world of more crowded cities, increased mobility and climate change, the resultive disruptive impact of epidemics is likely to increase, making epidemics among the most pressing health security issues facing the world today. Recent outbreaks, such as Ebola and SARS, have claimed thousands of lives and cost billions of dollars. Similarly, ongoing outbreaks of Zika will pose devastating health and economic impacts for years to come.

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations – CEPI – funds development of vaccines against emerging infectious diseases with epidemic potential, where the market incentives are limited. In addition to funding vaccines against specific pathogens, CEPI will fund development of vaccine platforms which can rapidly be adapted to newly emerging pathogens with epidemic potential Vaccine development usually takes 10-15 years, and innovations is critical to reduce the time from detection of the new pathogen until access to vaccine for use in trials and emergency use.

Innovation by can play a significant role in epidemic preparedness. How can we innovate to be prepared to stop outbreaks of emerging infectious diseases before they become epidemics or pandemics? CEPI– invites the Nordic life science sector to a discussion on how we can use the experiences from recent outbreaks like Ebola and Zika to plan for preparedness against known and unknown epidemic threats in the future.

Moderator: Dr. Georges Thiry - Acting Director of Vaccine Development - CEPI

Prof. Ira Longini - Prof. Department of Biostatistics - University of Florida Dr. Volker Gerdts - Associate Director Research - InterVac Dr. Anders Hjelmencrantz - Partner and European Patent Attorney - Zacco Dr. Georges Thiry - Acting Director of Vaccine Development - CEPI

14:00 Biotrial Research - CRO/CMO 14:07 Clean Cells - CRO/CMO 14:14 PQE - Professional Services & Consulting 14:21 Amplexor Life Sciences - Professional Services & Consulting 14:28 RiverArk - Professional Services & Consulting 14:40 IntraVacc - Public & Non-Profit Organization 14:47 Rise Acreo - Public & Non-Profit Organizations 14:59 Catalyze - Professional Services & Consulting


Hosted by: Vinnova

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Workshop 1 – Eurostars – Funding opportunities for life science SMEs

14:00 - 15:15Room E

Learn more about the Eurostars and E!nnoVest programmes and how they can support your innovative ideas. Eurostars has a well-established application process and a high grant rate that makes it an attractive tool for innovation and international cooperation. E!nnovest supports innovative SMEs by taking them through a process to become business and investment ready. Meet companies with previous Eurostars experience and get tips and tricks on how to succeed.

Moderator: Dr. Sara Gunnerås - Director EU Support Office - SwedenBIO

Dr. Elisabet Nielsen - EUREKA National Project Coordinator - Vinnova Dr. Peter Lindberg - EUROSTARS Program Manager - Vinnova Ms. Inga Bruskeland - National Project Coordinator - Research Council of Norway Mr. Jens-Peter Vittrup - Senior Advisor – Innovations Fonden Ms. Jenny Goodwin - Technical Management Grants Office – Research Institutes of Sweden Dr. Therése Kallur - Business Development Manager – Biolamina Dr. Ida-Maria Sintorn - Chief Technology Officer – Vironova

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Norwegian Coffee Break

15:15 - 15:45Exhibition area

Hosted by the Norwegian Pavilion Co-Hosts:

Oslo Cancer Cluster, Aleap, Norway Health Tech, Norwegian Inflammation Network NORIN, Inven2, The Life Science Cluster, University of Oslo, The Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway LMI, Centre for Digital Life Norway, Nansen Neuroscience Network, Innovation Norway, The Research Council of Norway.

Arthur D. Little

Hosted by: Arthur D. LittleCo - Hosted by: DNB

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A new mechanism to fund excess Clinical Stage projects

Super session 4 – Financing of lower-priority clinical trials

15:45 - 17:00Plenary Room

Some biopharma companies have built pipelines that offer more development opportunities than their resources allow them to pursue. Promising clinical trials may be moved down the priority list and their execution delayed – resulting in decline of asset value against a fixed patent expiration date. One potential solution is to package complementary trials and bring them into collaboration with investors, CROs or other organizations and fund the execution of these trials outside the biopharma company. There are several potential advantages of this approach. But this session will also reflect upon questions like: What would be the primary driving forces for different parties to engage in this type of collaborations? Are there also complications with the phenomenon? How does the excess of promising assets with large biopharma companies affect other parts of the life science ecosystem?

Moderator: Dr. Ulrica Sehlstedt - Partner - Arthur D. Little

Mr. Ben van der Schaaf - Principal - Arthur D. Little Dr. Birgitte Volck - Vice President, Head of R&D Rare Diseases - GSK Mr. Jo Sawyer - Head of External Partnerships - Novartis Mr. Jacob Gunterberg - Partner - HealthCap Mr. Olof Pierrou - Managing Director, Investment Banking Division - DNB

15:45 AbbVie - Pharmaceutical 16:05 Bayer - Pharmaceutical 16:25 Bristol-Myers Squibb - Pharmaceutical 16:45 Beactica - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 16:58 Hansa Medical - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics

Potter Clarkson

Hosted by: Potter Clarkson

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Workshop 2 – Intellectual Property (IP)

15:45 - 17:00Room E

Patents and other intellectual property rights (IPRs) are crucial to the success of most life science ventures.  Developing an effective IPR strategy to support your company’s commercial objectives is vital.

In this session, Steve Smith will discuss tips and best practices for developing an effective IPR strategy, covering both your company’s rights and third party rights.  Next, Oliver Laing will share his expertise on how best to negotiate collaboration agreements, patent licences and other key IPR-focussed agreements.  Then, Mats Grahn will provide an insight into how Immunovia has been able to use IPRs to achieve its commercial objectives.  The talks will close with an interactive Q&A session.

Moderator: Dr. Tony Proctor - Patent Attorney Senior Associate - Potter Clarkson

Dr. Steve Smith - European Patent Attorney - Potter Clarkson Mr. Olivier Laing - Senior Associate, IP Solicitor - Potter Clarkson Mr. Mats Grahn - CEO - Immunovia

Copenhagen capacity
LU Innovation

Hosted by: Copenhagen capacityCo - Hosted by: LU Innovation

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Official networking reception

18:00 - 22:00Copenhagen - Papirhallen

Papirhallen is an old paper warehouse in Copenhagen, updated with respect for the old and original look, offering unique atmosphere for creating a great networking experience.

14 September 2017


Hosted by: SwedenBIOCo - Hosted by: Covance

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Super session 5 – Value creation in service providers

08:00 - 09:15Plenary room

Many of the service providers in life science R&D have their own research. They provide much more than just an extra pair of hands and they spend high amounts on in house development of their services. With this super session, we will highlight their efforts and importance for the life science ecosystem where many of the companies are small and source for the latest technologies for their research and development.

Moderator: Dr. Christina Herder - Board Member - PCI Biotech AS and Idogen AB

Mr. Andy Gibbs - Drug Development Leader - Covance Dr. Toni Ahtoniemi - Sr. Manager Client Services - Charles River Dr. Michael Dabrowski - CEO - Pelago Bioscience Dr. Torkel Gren - Senior Sales Director, Development Services - Recipharm Mr. Sverre Bengtsson - CEO - Pharma Consulting Group

08:00 OxThera - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 08:12 Spago Nanomedical - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 08:24 Staten Serum Institut - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 08:36 Stayble Therapeutics - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 08:48 Thermo Fisher Scientific - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics


08:00 Targovax - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 08:07 Acesion Pharma - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 08:31 Oncology Venture - Biotechnology - Therapeutics & Diagnostics 08:43 Ectin Research - Pharmaceutical 08:50 Klaria Pharma - Pharmaceutical 08:57 Redwood Pharma - Pharmaceutical 09:04 Vicore Pharma - Pharmaceutical

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Hosted by: AbbVieCo - Hosted by: Bristol-Myers Squibb

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Cross fertilization between pharma and health tech start-ups – where will it take us?

Super session 6 – Digital health

09:30 - 10:45Plenary Room

The digital transformation of healthcare is here and now. This session explores the collaboration opportunities between the health tech start-up arena and the Pharma industry. With new innovative ideas, we can push the boarders to create value for patients and the healthcare system. Are you in or are you out?

Moderator: Mr. Jonas Klevhag - Business Advisor Digital Media - Innovation Skåne

Ms. Annica Holmberg - Public Affairs Lead - Bristol-Myers Squibb Dr. Anthony P. Sigrest - Director, Head of Patient Innovation- AbbVie Mr. Niels Grønning - Senior Industry Advisor - SAS Mr. Mattias Paulsson - Partner & CEO - Lytics Mr. Philip Siberg - CEO - Coala Life Ms. Marianne Larsson - Innovation Director - Innovation Skåne

09:30 Novo Nordisk - Pharmaceutical 09:50 Roche - Pharmaceutical 10:10 Sanofi - Pharmaceutical 10:30 MSD - Pharmaceutical

Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education

Hosted by: VinnovaCo - Hosted by: Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education

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The Innovative Medicine Initiative: speeding up medicines development through open research collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry

Workshop 3 – Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI)

09:30 - 10:45Room E

Research collaboration and funding opportunities for SMEs, Research Institutions, Hospitals and other stakeholders in the area of medicine development.

The Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI2) is Europe’s largest public-private partnership in life science. It is jointly run and funded by the European Commission and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). Its aim is to improve the process of developing new drugs and treatments by supporting cooperation in research and development. IMI projects address such themes as preclinical and clinical methodological advancements, Digital Health, personalized medicine, Diabetes, Neurosciences and Oncology

The event is organized by VINNOVA , the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education and The Research Council of Norway.

Who should join this session?
The workshop is an opportunity for a wide range of stakeholders – not least small and medium sized companies – to learn about the opportunities for R&D collaboration with the European pharmaceutical industry through IMI funded projects.  The workshop will highlight the experiences and learnings of Swedish and Danish IMI project participants from both industry and academia.


  • Welcome
  • Why IMI matters to Europe’s pharmaceutical industry
  • Advancing medicines development through open collaboration on research
  • Joining IMI – the SME  perspective
  • Joining IMI – The academic experience
  • Closing remarks

Moderator: Dr. Gunnar Sandberg - Programme Manager, Health Division - Vinnova

Ms. Magda Chlebus - Director of Science Policy - EFPIA Mr. Colm Carroll - Scientific Project Manager - IMI Joint Undertaking Dr. Peter Olofsson - CEO - Redoxis AB Prof. Poul Henning Jensen - Professor - Dept. Of Biomedicine, Aarhus University

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Finnish Coffee Break

10:45 - 11:15Exhibition area

Hosted by Turku Science Park, BioTurku and Finnish Bio Industries (FIB)

Oslo Cancer Cluster

Hosted by: Oslo Cancer ClusterCo - Hosted by: DNB

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Advancing Cancer Immunotherapy by novel partnerships, bugs and bytes

Super session 7 – Transformative oncology

11:15 - 12:30Plenary Room

The session gathers a group of experts with complementary expertise to present and discuss recent approaches in Cancer Immunotherapy. Tremendous scientific progress resulted in real clinical breakthroughs and a growing number of cancers are now successfully treated with immunotherapy. However, many challenges remain and for tackling these collaborations among various disciplines is essential. A set of compact presentations will highlight how players from pharma, biotech and academia advance the field and what we can learn from microbiologists and machine learning experts.

Moderator: Ms. Benedicte Bakke - Senior Advisor, International Healthcare - DNB

Dr. Khatereh Ahmadi - Executive Director, Oncology Search and Evaluation Lead - MSD Dr. Per Norlèn - CEO -Alligator Bioscience Dr. Stefan Ries - Global Head of External Innovation, Oncology Discovery - pRED Roche Dr. Christophe Bonny - CSO - Enterome Dr. Henrik Winther - Senior Vice President, Precision Diagnostics - Immunovia Dr. Richard Stratford - CEO - OncoImmunity Dr. Gary Sclar - Vice President - Dana-Farber Innovations

11:15 Cadila Pharmaceuticals Sweden AB - Pharmaceutical 11:27 Camurus - Pharmaceutical 11:39 Daiichi Sankyo - Pharmaceutical 11:51 Index Pharmaceuticals - Pharmaceutical 12:11 Nexstim - MedTech 12:18 Medicollect - CRO/CMO

Invest in Skåne

Hosted by: Invest in Skåne

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Using ESS and MAX IV in drug formulation

Workshop 4 – ESS & MAX IV

11:15 - 12:30Room E

How can your company benefit from using MAX IV and ESS when developing new drug formulations?

The pharmaceutical industry will give examples on how they have used synchrotron and neutron light sources in drug formulation experiments and what potential they see with these facilities in the future.

Moderator: Dr. Anna Sandström - Director Science Relations - AstraZeneca

Dr. Anna Collén - Project Director Pharmaceutical Development - AstraZeneca Dr. Hanne B. Rasmussen - Vice President - Novo Nordisk Dr. Helen Sjögren - Principal Scientist, Global Pharmaceutical R&D - Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Chalmers Ventures
PRV Swedish Patent and Registration Office

Hosted by: Chalmers VenturesCo - Hosted by: Nasdaq, Industrifonden, Novo, PRV Swedish Patent and Registration Office

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Super session 8 – The Nordic capital landscape

14:00 - 15:15Plenary Room

The Nordic countries is by tradition holding a leading position in the life science industry, based on new innovative products. But the industry ecosystem is quickly changing and the industry does not today look as it did fifteen or even ten years ago. There are still some big pharma’s operating in the region, but the greater part of the companies in the sector are smaller startup companies. These small companies are playing a more important role for the industry today, but almost every single company aims to be sold to a big pharma before the product is fully developed.

How is the Venture Capital landscape in the Nordic region set to meet the new circumstances, especially in the earlier phases where the money is more regional than in the later phases and for the more mature companies? And what do the companies needs more than money from the Venture Capital in the future?

Moderator: Mr. Pontus Ottosson - Head of Investments - Chalmers Ventures

Ms. Anna Danestig - Key Account Manager - PRV Dr. Yilmaz Mahshid - Investment Manager Life Science - Industrifonden Dr. Stephan Christgau - Partner - Novo Seeds Mr. Carsten Borring - Head of Listings and Capital Market - Nasdaq Mr. Peder Hasslev - Managing Director - Saminvest Dr. Farzad Abdi-Dezfuli - Partner Investment Advisor - Sarsia Seed

Arthur D. Little

Hosted by: bionordicCo - Hosted by: SwedenBIO, Arthur D. Little

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Closing address – Nordic Stars Awards

15:15 - 16:00Exhibition area - NLSDays arena

Time for summing up and present a few of the highlights from Nordic Life Science Days 2017. Another, important part of the closing session is to announce the winners of the Nordic Stars Awards 2017.

The Nordic Stars Awards were established in 2013 with the purpose of rewarding particularly innovative companies belonging to the innovative Nordic life science community. The winners will give their view on how they are preparing for the future.

Moderator: Dr. Jonas Ekstrand - Director General - SwedenBIO

Dr. Lotta Ljungqvist - CEO - Nordic & BioProcess Innovation Center - GE HealthCare Mr. Nils Bohlin - Partner & Global Leader Healthcare - Arthur D. Little Mr. Olivier Duchamp - Managing Director - NLSDays, CEO - Bionordic Services Dr. Björn Ursing - Program Director - SwedenBIO